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Our next litter is planned with our gentle, joyous and beautiful chocolate Cortina and Spring Valleys's equally delightful flame orange Okie. They will likely produce Medium sized ALD puppies of solid colours in a delicious selection of chocolates, caramels, apricots and creams - with the potential of some stunning reds. Puppies will predominantly don velvety fleece coats with the potential of a few very cute wool pups. Honeymoon forecast to take place in September.

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   What sets Hopscotch Australian Labradoodles Apart?  

Greencross Vets Healthy Pets Plus Program

Hopscotch Pups come with 1 year membership including;

  • unlimited vet consults
  • all 1st year vaccinations
  • detailed health screening
  • claw clipping
  • discounted dietary & medicinal savings, to name but a few

Pawsitive Connection - Dog Behavioual, Training & Nutrition Experts

  • 1 month unlimited professional online support
  • discount to Puppy Classes


  • Fully paid for by me the breeder @ pups 6th month of life.

Puppy Rearing Best Practise

Hopscotch adhere closely to Puppy Culture philosophy putting in the time and effort to raise happy, healthy, resilient & operantly switched on pups.

Australia Association of Pet Dog Breeders AAPDB Full Membership 

The Association registers breeders rather than dogs, they give credence to ethical breeding (Parental genetics) over pedigree (parental linage).

  • AAPDB was the first dog breeders Association in the world to require all full members to undergo a mandatory, annual, independent, welfare-focused quality assurance Audit, carried out by a licensed Veterinarian
  • In June 2019 AAPDB became the only breeder Association in Australia which requires members to have their breeding dogs screened for known genetic defects so that known genetic diseases can be avoided
  • The AAPDB does not regulate what members breed, but how they breed their dogs, how they sell their dogs, their after sales obligations and whether the dogs they breed are suitable for the families who purchase them.


Greencross are the only Veterinarians offering a preventative health program and they have surgeries throughout many Australian cities & towns. 
We have been loving our puppies since birth. Providing new owners with one years membership to Healthy Pets Plus is a small way to help the pups  continued health and wellbeing in the future. 


Pawsitive Connection provide arguably SE Queensland’s broadest and best group of professional dog behavioural, training & nutritional specialists. We selected this group to provide new owners of Hopscotch pups with online expert support during the first exciting month of transition on the journey of companionship.

Labradoodles are very easy to train, moderately active and athletic, they love to swim & fetch and thrive given mental stimulation. The breed’s intelligence and intuitive nature have made them desirable service dogs - but in more recent times- have become very desirable agility dogs!
Pawsitive Connection offer so many inspiring gateways for you and your companion to explore, helping to enhance your bond with each other & enrich both your lives.